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Apex Life Practices

Learning environments provided in a school determine the future of our community and nation as a whole. A child’s spirit is nurtured by an inspiring school environment.

At our school, various co- and extra-curricular activities reflect the caring ethos and value which we place on the holistic development of our students. These activities nourish their inner spirit and motivate them to get engaged and learn with fun.

Committed to and focused on student participation, we believe in learning by doing. Through our collective involvement in every activity, we particularly aim at providing a caring and supporting environment for your children to:

  1. Identify themselves as individuals and groups at school and beyond.
  2. Develop empathy in everyday situations and beliefs.
  3. Deepen their sense of wonder about the world around them.
  4. Build confidence by involving them in several tasks e.g. presentation, debate, etc.
  5. Invoke a sense of appreciation in effective and value-based Sanskrit hymns taught at school.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


We envision that Apex Life School becomes the most prestigious and exemplary learning institution in Nepal by inheriting the best educational philosophy and teaching practices to nurture and hone every child’s individual talent and skill, by dint of which, they shall exhibit a direct balance between learnt lessons and lived experiences, and become responsible citizens guided by spiritual and ethical values.


We aim to develop human beings who will help to create a better society and ultimately a better world. We strive to empower each student through the right blend of modern education, appropriate skills and deep-rooted spiritual values, with the help of which our students will develop to be curious and confident risk-takers with compassion towards life.

Core Values

  • We believe in value based progressive education, experimental learning and holistic development of child.
  • We are guided by the belief that every individual has the potential to excel in all fields in life. Our aim is to ensure that every student exceeds their potential.
  • We believe in multiple intelligences which claim that learners are of different type. so we need different teaching approaches to address multiple expectations.
  • We believe in achieving and experiencing Excellence by imparting holistic education that incorporates the development of human values and maturity of MIND, BODY and SOUL.
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